Retaining quality personnel and maximising their output

Long has it been known that keeping staff happy is the key to retaining the most talented individuals within a company whether that be through paying competitive salaries, maintaining a good work/life balance or through good management of the team/s. However now with the impetus on quality office spaces increasing the impact this has on retention and most importantly productivity is key for a successful office environment.

As shown in a number of studies, including the recent “Happiness and Productivity”, by the Social Market Foundation, employees benefit from an additional 10% in productivity following increased periods of happiness. This is something that can be key to getting the best out of members of staff.

There are a number of ways to keep staff happy but a fun office environment is something that offers a plethora of benefits. For some offices this could be provided in a number of different ways but the majority of offices can benefit from a well designed and thought out break out space. This may include a number of different items available whether this be sleep pods, table football, a chess board or even adult “toys” like slides and swings. A great break out space can really benefit any office.

If you are considering improving your office space and would like to meet to discuss your options, whether this be within your current premises or in a new premises, Metirium can offer a full suite of services from providing a company review to confirm your requirements, to finding the right premises for you, along with designing the space and providing the full construction and fit out to provide your dream office at a budget to suit you.

To arrange a free assessment please call us on 0113 257 7777, we look forward to working with you in the future.

Christopher Green