Cable Management – Let’s talk essentials!

Cable management might not be the most interesting thing to specify for a client, but it’s certainly an essential requirement for any twenty-first century setup. Workers in particular need to be aware of the safety aspects of intelligent cabling, and the numerous methods available to them.

Flexible working models have shown us that they’re definitively here to stay, with methods such as hot-desking proving to be particularly advantageous for both business owners and employees. Hot-desking allows workers to access power points from numerous workspaces at varying times of the day.

This shift has prompted many forward-thinking organisations to rethink their overall connectivity systems and reassess their cable management.

Stay safe

First and foremost, ensuring that your employees are safe is paramount to your business. Loose cables can be a hazard for workers, particularly if parts of a wire are exposed. Cable management can prevent unpleasant accidents and keep everyone protected.

A tidy working environment

You’ve no doubt heard the saying, ‘clean space – clean mind’. We concur! There is definitely mental clarity to be gained in maintaining a tidy environment.

Modern, flexible offices wholly buy into this mantra by promoting efficient and uncluttered working spaces. A tidy environment will decrease stress and prevent time spent endlessly searching for lost items amongst clutter – that’s nobody’s idea of fun! Workers will be better able to concentrate too, which increases motivation and boosts productivity. 

Don’t forget, keeping employees happy is the key to retaining staff, as well as attracting new talent.

Protecting your cables

By implementing good cable management, you protect cables from the inevitable daily wear and tear. In turn, you’re immediately prolonging their lifespan. This not only saves costs in the long run; it also prevents the arduous hassle of having to deal with twisted cables or replacements. 

What are my options?

With so many different options out there, it’s difficult to keep track and fully understand what you need. We thought we’d offer a brief overview to get you started.

In-desk power modules 

Definitely the forward-thinking option, and we predict a vast rise in power-integrated options in 2023.

An ideal modern solution for efficiently providing power across various everyday devices. Generally requiring a configured table that is designed to cater for in-desk power sockets, they allow for easy transportation without the need to organise and rearrange cables.

Often featured within both standard and meeting desks, they’re the perfect option for offices that implement hot-desking, hybrid working and co-working.

With numerous choices and configurations available, always make a note of your requirements before shopping around for suitable options.

On desk power modules

While not the most contemporary of methods, on-desk modules are highly versatile and can be used just about anywhere. They can be beneficial for hot-desking and charge points when required.

Featuring between 2-4 sockets, depending on model size, they’re usually attached to the desk via an easy-to-use clamp (or even Velcro!). Desktop power modules also feature USB charging stations and data ports.

Colours can be customised so they don’t stand out against existing office décor.

Under desk power modules

Practical, robust and ideal for busy environments. Cable management remains under the desk which allows for uncluttered working areas. They’re also friendly on the finances, and offer a discreet look for any aesthetically-pleasing office space.

Cable Trays

Cable trays are situated underneath a standard desk, or desk benching (bench desking requires a double width cable tray!). They’re ideal for ensuring that cables are neat, tidy, and clear of the workspace.

There are a wide range of strong steel cable trays that can be designed to suit the requirements of the desk arrangement. For example, you can choose from wire basket trays that can be mounted onto a wall, or suspended from a ceiling. Alternatively, you might want to opt for a discreet under-desk cable tray.

There are numerous options available, so it is ultimately down to personal choice.

Cable snakes/sleeves

Put simply, a bundle of cords that have been enclosed in a cable wrap, or ‘snake’ to keep them neat and organised. In theory, they’re a quick and simple means of taming rebellious cables that have a habit of twisting and turning. 

This is a divisive one for us as they’re by no means the ideal solution for any modern office. However, they are useful strategies as an alternative to wild, unruly cables.

Cable sleeves are much like cable snakes, but offer a fully-enclosed option that turns twelve cables into one large one. They’re useful if you have multiple cables that need arranging, but can be awkward for removing cables once installed.

A final word…

We hope our brief guide has offered some insight into cable management and the numerous options available. Overall, it’s about considering your environment and choosing the best option for you.

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