How flexible office design is attracting new talent

Office design plays a crucial role in attracting new talent to organisations. In today’s competitive job market, talented individuals are not only looking for attractive salaries and benefits, but also a workplace that aligns with their values, promotes productivity, and fosters creativity.

A study by Workbuzz found that almost half of UK employees and business leaders rank a ‘great, consciously created’ culture more important than salary.

There’s plenty of logic to that, especially you consider that the average full-time worker spends approximately 140 hours per month within their workspace.

There are numerous ways in which you can ensure that your own office design attracts new talent.

Open and collaborative spaces

Many professionals, especially millennials and members of Generation Z, value collaboration and teamwork. Open office layouts with communal spaces encourage interaction, idea sharing and collaboration amongst employees. Such designs promote a sense of community and a dynamic work environment which can be appealing to prospective candidates.

Flexible work areas

A healthy work-life balance has gained significant momentum over the past few years and employees now seek workplaces that offer flexibility. Flexible work areas that incorporate hot-desking, co-working spaces or quiet zones allow employees to choose the most suitable environment for their tasks. This is attractive to prospective candidates seeking autonomy and the ability to work in diverse settings.

Wellbeing and employee amenities

Modern office designs are prioritising employee wellbeing by incorporating elements that support physical and mental health. These may include dedicated spaces for relaxation, meditation, fitness (You hopefully read our last blog highlighting our fit out for Riva, Home and their new office gym – a great example of encouraging your workforce to keep fit by making it accessible!) or even some inhouse-games!

Adding ergonomic furniture, natural lighting and green spaces can further contribute to a positive work atmosphere and make your office a place that prospective candidates want to work.

Why choose Metirium?

Aside from our extensive experience, multi-talented inhouse team and portfolio of design-led office fit outs, you mean?

Well, we love turning tired office environments into cool, modern and productive office spaces that reflect the personality of your individual company. We spend time chatting to you, learning about your values and gaining a feel of what really matters to you and your organisation. And that’s when we’ll create a design that offers you and your team a sense of pride based on workplace trends, as well as attracting the best in new talent.