5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Modern Flexible Office Design

Gone are the days of stuffy offices, allocated desks and minimal collaboration. Its 2023, and the flexible office design is in full force! It’s well-proven that strategic office design can improve productivity by up 75%!

The modern office boasts flexibility at its best; clean open plan spaces with numerous working options for employees. Breakout areas, collaboration zones and focussed spaces that accommodate tasks of any nature, and all aimed at creating a haven of increased wellbeing and greater productivity.

We’ve outlined 5 tips that can help you transition towards this flexible office design.

Agile design

The key to creating a flexible office space is all in the design. If you have an open plan office, you can separate sections into zones to suit the task at hand. Agile furniture is your best friend in achieving this!

The vast benefit of agile design and furniture is the ability to reconfigure when and where necessary. No major refurbs are necessary which means that costs are kept to a minimum in the long term.

Overall, your aim is to create an engaging and fun space that provides a positive working experience.

Top tip: Rather than investing in heavy furniture that offers no maneuverability, opt for agile furniture that can be moved with ease. Instead of fixed desks, think of light, ergonomic chairs with reconfigurable tables. Consider timber partitions or panels that not only separate areas but can also come with acoustic properties to keep sound both in and out of a given area.

Take a look at our project for Innova, Castleford for the ultimate in exciting agile spaces.

Breakout areas

Every modern office features a breakout area. Once upon a time, it was probably the staff canteen or common room; those tiny areas that everyone piled into at once! They definitely weren’t synonymous with relaxation!

The modern breakout area refers to any space that is open to employees or visitors and separate from the working area. They can be used for breakfast or lunch breaks, relaxation or even to hold informal meetings.

Breakout areas move beyond an unaffordable luxury, they’re an essential part of any business that cares for the overall wellbeing of its workforce. And it doesn’t have to be costly or extravagant! If a separate room isn’t available, consider a screening option to section off part of the office.

Top tip: Aim to provide different seating options in the available space. Multipurpose chairs around one or more tables are ideal for informal meetings or working lunches. Definitely incorporate soft furnishings such as tub chairs or sofas for those that want to simply kick back and relax for a while.

If you need some inspiration, take a look at our large breakout area for Dazn, Leeds. It was designed to serve the entire 40,000 sq. ft building!

Meeting pods/booths

Office pods fit perfectly into the modern working model. They’re super flexible and can be utilised for a number of varying working patterns. It’s the combination of these benefits that deems them a superb investment for any forward-thinking business.

Office pods create individual rooms and zones for the purpose of a number of tasks. They can be created without the need for costly and disruptive construction work, and offer maximum flexibility and employee autonomy.

Top tip: When solitude is necessary, individual office pods can be used for confidential calls or video conferences. If you’re looking for something larger, flexible meeting room pods comfortably enable up to four people with the option of extending to a more formal meeting venue for up to ten people.

Take a look at our project for Pendo, Sheffield. A fast-growing business; truly adamant that pods offered the ultimate in flexibility.

Themed layouts

Many businesses are taking wellbeing to the next level by implementing theme-led spaces that positively attract employees to the workspace! Remote and hybrid working has vast benefits as we’ve now established, but trying to entice workers back to the office has been challenging for many.

While you don’t have to go the extremes of Innova, Wetherby (what an amazing project that was!) with phone booths and giant chess boards, you can certainly incorporate themed spaces to give employees a bit of variety. It also enables you to remain fully inclusive and adhere to the needs of every personality-type. 

Top tip: Have a relaxed ‘zen area’ with soft seating and biophilia for the ultimate in relaxation, perhaps a selection of books and magazines. For the more outgoing of workers, perhaps add a ‘fun area’ with a dart board, pool table or a giant Connect 4! A little activity does wonders for creativity!

Make the most of your existing office space!

This is probably the most exciting aspect of office design. There was a time when exposed brickwork and pipes, and uncarpeted floors meant unfinished. However, this industrial look has become a massive trend across the globe, and the vast benefit of that is the simplicity of design.

Top tip: Don’t worry If the walls are a bit shabby – it’s called shabby-chic for a reason! Using smart design, incorporate eye-catching, bright agile furniture that works to complement its surroundings. It’s not only less work, it looks amazing! Embrace those bricks! Show off the pipes! Pull up the carpet and opt for wood or laminate! With a bit of work, it all adds a contemporary feel to a tired office.

Who is Metirium?

As experts in office fit outs, Metirium partners with you from concept, ensuring that we grasp the full scope of what your office space requires to create the optimal working environment for your team.

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